Mood Bar Quiz

Discover which products are best for you by taking our Mood Bar Quiz

1. I experience "mental chatter" that inhibits my ability to focus
2. I feel mentally alert and have good memory recall
3. I am able to communicate my wants and needs to others
4. I am confident and self assured
5. I have trouble accepting compliments and thanking myself for accomplishments
6. I have a positive outlook on life
7. I am under stress
8. I work and/or live in a chaotic environment
9. I feel blue
10. I have enough energy to last throughout the day and to accomplish everything I want to get done
11. I am grounded and centered, have a strong sense of my purpose in life
12. I know how to create what I want
13. I feel balanced and able to accommodate the things that are most important to me into my daily life
14. I sometimes have trouble breathing