The Mood Bar Story with Linda Bertaut

Bertaut Beauty founder, Linda Bertaut made use of her personal experience with depression to design products that would help her heal naturally from this disease. After losing her mother to suicide when she was just 13 years old, she was plagued with the same disease that took her mother. At the age of 30, Linda decided to carve a new path for herself and started on her healing journey. Drawing on her love for mixing things, Linda's herbal hobby began as she made tinctures and remedies that would lift her spirits. One formula led to another as she took note of other health concerns presented by family and friends.

Linda furthered her voyage by learning the hands-on healing techniques of Reiki. By the age of 36, through the use of herbs, supplements, and Reiki, she had won her battle over depression.

Her pastime eventually led to teaching classes where Linda taught her students to develop their own product lines. It was at this point that Linda included aromatherapy Mood Mists to her own line and discovered that she had created a marketable product herself. In 2003, after many requests, The Mood Bar and Petal Potions mood-enhancing products were introduced at a beauty trade show.

Linda believes that true beauty comes from being balanced in body, mind, and spirit. When we are balanced, we represent our positive qualities, and when out of balance our most negative aspects.

Mystify your friends and clients with Petal Potions Mood Mists, Herbal Elixirs and Tranquili-Tea. Give them the gift of balance that allows their inner beauty to come to the surface.

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