Why Foundation? Let Me Count The Reasons

Foundation is the key your make-up regime. Without it, you won't have a truly finished look. With a quality product, you won't irritate or block your pores. Just remember to wash your face nightly with a good skin care cleanser, not soap. (Soap dries your skin and clogs pores.)

Here are five benefits of wearing foundation regularly:

  1. It smoothes and evens out your skin tone. No more blotchiness!
  2. It brings more attention to your eyes.
  3. It allows color cosmetics to blend well for a natural look.
  4. It offers a protective barrier against the elements. Women who wear foundation regularly maintain younger looking skin longer.
  5. It gives a finished and more credible look. Whether for business or your personal life, you'll look and feel better wearing foundation.

Enhance your eyes

The most crucial area for foundation is the inverted triangle of the face. The top of this triangle extends from the width of the eyebrows, onto the eyelids, up to the lower lashes, down the sides of the nose and onto the top of the cheekbones. Concealing circles and uneven skin tones, especially in this area, will enhance the eyes and bring more attention to them.

For the minimalist

If you don't like wearing foundation, I recommend you try the inverted triangle approach. Apply enough foundation to cover the area of the eyes and cheeks in order to blend your blush and eye shadow, and leave the perimeter of the face free from foundation. Then you (or your special someone!) can touch your skin and feel no make-up, while still enhancing your features and looking your best.

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