Choosing the Foundation That's Right for You

What type of foundation is best for you? Many times you can wear more than one type. One will probably suit your lifestyle better than another, depending on how much time you have available for applying make-up, how often you wear it, the condition of your skin and other preferences.

Here's a rundown on four popular kinds of foundation and their advantages:

  1. Moisture Tint This provides the sheerest of coverage and is great for young skin. It's the ideal solution for someone with flawless skin that wants a very natural look.
  2. Liquid Foundation Liquids have been very popular for all skin types and provide light to medium coverage. Oil-free liquid foundations are usually lighter than foundations for dryer skins that contain oil. They offer good coverage and can still look natural if you select the right color for your skin. Be sure to set your liquid foundation with powder to keep it in place.
  3. Stick Foundation This provides medium to full coverage. Depending on the brand, stick foundation can have the consistency of camouflage make-up. They work best for those who like a more finished look and want the ease of application the stick offers. They can also work as a concealer over liquid foundations. Again, be sure to finish with a powder to set the make-up.
  4. Mineral Powder This option provides medium coverage, excellent for daytime make-up. Loose mineral powders function as a foundation, concealer, powder and sunblock in just one step. With no talc or chemical irritants, it is good for the most sensitive skins. In short, this make-up option is faster and easier, looks natural and feels better on your skin. For best results, apply on clean, moisturized skin, not to be used over liquid or camouflage foundations.

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