Eyebrows that Frame a Face... Beautifully

Brows are probably the single most important feature of your face. I once had a client in a make-up class who I thought was angry at me. Every time I looked at her, she seemed to be scowling. After closer examination, I realized the shape of her brows made her look mad. They both went up to a sharp point at the arch of the brow, seeming to furrow her eyebrows. I grabbed my tweezers and scissors and went to work. I took the points off the top of her brows, trimmed and reshaped the rest. She looked like a new person!

Too much or too little in eyebrows can change the entire expression of your face. It is important to learn how to groom and trim them, if necessary, to bring out your best features.

Brow Guidelines

If you're a brunette, select a brow color slightly lighter than your natural hair color. If you're blonde, choose a brow color close to your root color. The most natural brow color is a grayish/taupe color. Variations of this color can be shaded with black for those with dark brown or black hair.

Shaping Your Brows

Ready to create attractive brows? Outline the top of the brow first and fill in from there. You want a smooth, even line to give your brows their shape and arch. For a more natural look, use the side of your brow brush or pencil when applying color. For the outer portion of the brow from the arch out, avoid drawing a curve, which produces a surprised, unnatural look. Instead, draw a straight line toward the line of the upper opening to the ear.

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