Energy Management

Introduction to Reiki

True beauty, beauty that people can't help but notice, comes from being balanced in body, mind and spirit. When in balance we reflect our "positive" qualities. When out of balance we reflect our "negative" qualities. Reiki, a universal life-force energy transmitted through the hands, is a healing art that helps create balance on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Bertaut Reiki adds Energy Management and Mood Management to the traditional Reiki healing components. You learn practical tools and methods that you can incorporate into your personal daily life or into treatments and services with clients. Bertaut Reiki was designed for busy people seeking daily balance and for practitioners who want to support clients in reaching balance and greater fulfillment in their lives.

Proper Reiki training is required for anyone interested in using it on themselves or offering it to clients. Once you have been attuned by a certified Reiki Master teacher, you are able to practice Reiki on yourself and others. Your attunement will last for life and is strengthened with consistent use.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki, pronounced "Ray┬┤-Key" is a healing and balancing energy transmitted through the hands that lifts your spirits and allows you to come into balance.

Reiki, developed in the mid-1800's by Dr. Usui in Kyoto Japan, is the art and science of activating and directing universal life force energy to promote wellness and balance with a sense of peace and connection that resonates from within.

The Japanese characters represent the concept of "universal life force energy." Rei, meaning universal and Ki, meaning life force energy. Combine the two and you have a very powerful balancing and healing potential.

Reiki energy is whole. It is safe to use any time - any place. When in balance we have access to authentic self expression on all levels of body, mind and spirit. Our life path unfolds before us as we live true to ourselves.

Benefits of Reiki

3 Levels of Reiki:

We each have universal healing energy that flows through us. The 3 levels of Reiki helps to amplify and activate this energy to new levels. Reiki is one of The few healing arts that takes into account the entire person - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of its recipients.

There are three different levels or degrees that you can achieve:

  1. First degree or Level 1 allows for hands-on healing. This course includes your first level energy activations and instructions on how to give hands-on treatments on yourself and others. In addition, you learn the dynamics of energy management, how to read energy with a pendulum, plus simple methods to treat each aspect of energy, the physical, mental, emotional and spirit/energy bodies.
  2. Second degree or Level 2 allows for distance healing. This course is the continuation of Reiki 1 and amplifies the universal healing energy to a higher level of activation. With Reiki 2 you are able to heal at a distance, what I call remote Reiki. You are able to direct and use energy beyond the physical body to clear energy at a distance and in physical spaces. Also included in this course is an introduction to using crystals and healing stones in daily life and treatments. Prerequisite - Reiki level 1 class.
  3. Third degree or Reiki Master allows you to activate others. This master course is for those who have a calling to work on a broader scale of healing and possibly teaching. With level 3 you are able to activate others to Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3. Each degree promotes an expanded consciousness and amplifies the universal healing energy beyond the previous level. Prerequisite - Reiki level 1 and 2 classes.


Linda is magnetically electrifying. I loved the whole experience. I will definitely incorporate Reiki into my daily life. -Kim Paulson, esthetics student
I have nothing but positive feedback! Reiki 1 is an amazing class and healing tool. The information I received from Linda was definitely life changing. -Karen Lange, esthetics student
This class exceeded my expectations. It was amazing! I'm excited to utilize the information I received from this class. -Marcella Comstock, esthetics student
I enjoyed the class overall - I wish we could have gone on some more. -Lynn Morita, Cosmetology Instructor
Excellent! I liked it all. The class gave me tools to understand myself better. -Rachel Gaeta, Esthetics/Spa Instructor
Very interesting, informative, organized and comprehensive. Worth the time and the money. I feel more in balance and have a clearer direction in general. -Michelle Nsairy, esthetics student
Linda presented the information in an engaging and fluid manner. She is compelling and commanding of your attention and interest. She is able to put a lot of modalities together with ease and is an incredible example to those of us going into the skin care field. It gave me a true "ah ha" for ways to put my own packages together and set myself apart. -Jenn Rosenfeld, esthetics student
The class was great. Very informative about myself. I like the education on the different aspects of communication and personality types. -Raina Johnson, esthetics student
It was amazing. Very insightful. Her energy makes you feel like a wonderful being - you just want to learn more. -Cody Lynn Bennight, CMT
It was a wonderful class - well organized and very informative. It was wonderful to experience a physical, emotional and spiritual shift in myself and to be at peace. -Elisa Gong, esthetics student
I have learned so much from Linda. I have really taken to heart the spiritual guidance I've received. It has been life altering. My path seems much clearer now. -Tonia Weakland, esthetician, CMT
Linda is articulate and knowledgeable about Reiki. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants balance - emotionally, spiritually and mentally. -Anna Balmori, Sheraton Palace Hotel
My overall impression was a feeling of peace and healing. It was worth every cent! I look forward to practicing the gift of Reiki. -Sally Marrott, esthetics student
The class is informative, very beneficial. Breaks down energy work into a tangible form. -Cian Xanos, esthetician
The energy I received was amazing - learning more about energy, all the healing aspects and how I can use it to help others. -Regina Pelayo, Esthetics Instructor
Linda presents Reiki in such a way that will leave you feeling uplifted#a sense of well being and balance. Each individual being special with their own unique personality traits to offer. -Veronica Gallart, Esthetician
This class was organized and easy to understand. I liked learning about the chakras. An excellent class for anyone. -Lei Ann Morita