Energy Infusions Level 1 & Energy Make-Overs

Feed your Inner Rainbow with the healing energy of Reiki and Nature to enhance both the inner & outer self. Reiki is a hands-on healing energy that lifts your spirits and brings you to balance. Nature and humans share the same color energy so when you feed your inner rainbow you are infusing yourself with vibrant energy that radiates health and inner beauty. Combine the two and you have a wellness therapy that invokes an incredible sense of peace and well-being.

Upcoming Classes

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Fee: $250

Includes attunements, DVD, CD, book and hand charts.

How to register

Contact Linda Bertaut at 626.405.0424 or email

Certificate given upon completion of class. See class flyer for refund policy if one is offered for this class.

What people are saying about this class

"I've been practicing every day, and what I sense with me, is I'm less agitated, and feel a sense of confidence and peacefulness that was not there before the class and my shoulders don't hurt as much." -Valerie Thurston, CMT
"Wonderful! Linda is truly a fantastic instructor. She has a way of breaking down the information for you to understand. The material was interesting and very complete." -Lisa Eddy, Spa Owner
"Linda is the consummate professional! Her presentations are always informative, relevant, interactive and fun." -Denise Swenson, Designer/Image Consultant
"Excellent! Very positive class and easy to be in. I loved the personal profile and the warm atmosphere." -Rhoda Keith, Esthetncian
"I enjoyed every aspect of it! Linda is the most awesome teacher. I plan to use everything taught by her." -Monique Javier, Esthetician
"I liked being attuned - I immediately felt energy! I found this class invaluable in my quest for more knowledge. I would recommend this to others." -Alice Valena, Designer/Esthetician
"Linda is truly devoted to her education of others - her teaching style is direct, complete and easily comprehended. Very enlightening and fun class." -Lisa Beach, Spa Owner
"It left a good impression and new respect for Reiki. It made me a believer. Linda explains and breaks down everything so it is very easy to understand." -Cecilia Del Real, Cosmetology student
"Wonderful! It's an amazing class. I was taught so many things that will continue to help heal me and others." -Karla Osorio, Skin Care and Color Consultant
"Excellent - Five star class! Well put together presentation brought forth in a non-threatening, very inviting atmosphere. I achieved a calming effect and a new way to heal myself." -Elena DeBonville, Esthetician
"I thought it was great. I look forward to adding it to facials and bodywork. Reiki is a must for anyone who is ready to heal!" -Elise Martinez, Law Assistant
"Great presentation. I have a greater understanding of one's energy, life path and reiki. Also the importance of knowing these things to apply to others when utilizing Reiki." -Sachiko Iwata, Social Worker